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cell phone glass repair
where can i fix my iphone?

Repair is our Passion.​

The team at eRepair loves extending the life of devices at fair prices that won't break the bank. If it can be fixed, at an affordable price, why buy a new one?

The Benefits of Choosing eRepair

Experienced Techs

Our Skilled Techs have a passion for fixing things, Repair is our main focus, and you can count on us to try our hardest to get your device working without trying to upsell you on a new device.

Fair Prices​

Customers on average save $100's by choosing us to repair their technologies vs going to corporate chain repair shops. We're a small local business in Wicker Park, Chicago and take pride in being able to give customers a discount due to lower overhead costs.

Fast Repair

What sets us apart from the Apple Store & other competition is our fast repairs, iPhone screen repairs take 30 minutes or less to repair, Most issues are same day repairs, and if a part is not available we have a priority shipping option available.

Quality Parts

Our goal is to fix your device to be fully functional and  having it working better than before you walked in, and it is important to us that it stays that way, We've been in the industry for at least a decade, and we understand that using cheap parts is not the way to retain customers, So we spend an extra few dollars to make sure that the parts we use are premium grade.

No Fix - No Charge

Our business is built on the principal of making our customer's day and restoring their broken device to being functional, We dislike charging for something we were not able to fix. That gives our customer the Risk-Free experience of not having to worry about paying for a device that could not be repaired.

1 Year Warranty

If your still not convinced about us, Let me tell you about our 1 year Warranty, Most repair shops give an average of a 30 day warranty, We at eRepair stand behind our services, For any issues regarding your screen, as long as it's not physical damage.

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