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  iPhone Back Glass Repair in Chicago

iphone back glass repair in chicago

Cracks & shattered glass don't stand a chance against us!

Using cutting edge laser technology, We're able to remove the broken and cracked back glass off your iPhone, Typical back glass repairs can take 2-4 hours or less to fix

Our Process

Step 1.  Laser cutting the shattered glass to remove the strong bonded adhesive

Step 2. Removing all glass shards from the frame

Step 3. Clean and Prep the surface for new Adhesive

Step 4. Installation of new glass with ultra bonding adhesive

Step 5. Clamped down for 45 minutes to allow for strong bonding

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace an iPhone back glass?

Yes, We Can fix iPhone back glass and it can usually be done in between 2-4 hours or less, depending on the model

How much does it cost to fix the back glass on an iPhone?

Typical price for an iPhone back glass repair service at eRepair ranges per model, Please select your model to see the price of your repair

Do I need an appointment to repair my back glass?

You don't! Walk-ins are welcome, but we advise you contact us to make sure we have your iPhone model's back glass in Stock.

Will my wireless charging still work after getting my back glass repaired?

Yes, as long as your wireless charging coil is still intact, it should still work, and if it as damaged, we also offer a service to repair that as well.

My iPhone frame is bent, should i fix my back glass?

If your frame is bent, We recommend an iPhone frame replacement, as the new glass may not sit well on a damaged frame. We do offer that service. Please contact us for quote.

Same Day Repairs

Backed by a 1 year warranty

Our lowest price Guaranteed

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