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Sell iphone in chicago

We buy Phones, Tablets, Computers & Video Game Consoles in Chicago

Sell your SmartPhones , Tablets, Macbooks, PC's, Video Game Consoles, and other electronics!

Looking to sell your Apple devices in Chicago? Look no further! At eRepair, we buy iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and PCs & Video Game consoles. Get top dollar for your used devices. Whether you want to upgrade or simply declutter, sell your gadgets to us.

Important Note : Please Read

At eRepair, we are committed to providing a secure and seamless device selling experience. Please note that we do NOT purchase locked devices. If you decide to sell your device, ensure it is unlocked, and all personal data and accounts must be removed. Devices that are locked or have iCloud accounts will NOT receive an offer, and inquiries will not be responded to. Below, you will find helpful information on what to do with a device that you found and is locked. Thank you for understanding.

Send us a bit of info on what you want to sell, and if it's something we purchase, we'll send you an offer.

sell iphone chicago

Message Sent, We'll respond as soon as possible!

Found a Device? Here's What to Do

If you've found a device and wish to return it to its owner, consider the following steps:

Check for Contact Information: Look for emergency contact details, or try reaching out to the owner through phone contacts named "Home," "Work," or "ICE" (In Case of Emergency). ​


Visit the Device's Service Provider: If the device has a carrier logo, visit the nearest store. They may assist in locating the owner.


Use Social Media: Post about the found device on local community groups or social media platforms. Many people turn to online communities when searching for lost items. We suggest posting on the Reddit Chicago Community: Visit r/chicago and post details about the found device, and then drop it off to the nearest police station.


Local Authorities: If all else fails, hand the device over to the local police station. They can help in tracking down the owner through official channels.

Let's work together to reunite lost devices with their owners. Your involvement can make a significant impact in someone's day. Thank you for being an amazing member of our community!

Looking to repair your device in Chicago instead?

iPhone Repair Service

Do you need your iPhone fixed? eRepair has got you covered. Our technicians provide quick and inexpensive iPhone screen repair, iPhone battery replacement, and iPhone charging port repair. Choose us for iPhone repair Chicago, we're your local go-to for reliable phone repairs. Click the link below to get your iPhone repair started.

Samsung Repair Service

Is your Samsung device in need of repair? Look no further than eRepair! Our skilled technicians specialize in efficient and affordable Samsung screen repairs, battery replacements, and charging port repairs. Trust us for reliable Samsung repair services in Chicago. Click the link below to start your Samsung repair journey.

iphone screen repair chicago
samsung screen repair chicago

Google Pixel Repair Service

Experiencing issues with your Google device? eRepair is here to help! Our expert technicians offer quick and budget-friendly Google screen repair, battery replacement, and charging port repair services. When it comes to Google repair in Chicago, we're your trusted choice. Click the link below to initiate your Google device repair.

iPad Repair Service

Does your iPad require expert attention? Count on eRepair for top-notch iPad repair services. Our technicians specialize in prompt and cost-effective iPad screen repairs, battery replacements, and charging port repairs. For reliable iPad repair in Chicago, choose us. Click the link below to begin your iPad repair process.

Macbook Repair Service

Is your MacBook acting up? eRepair provides professional MacBook repair services to resolve all your issues. From MacBook screen repairs and battery replacements to charging port repairs, our technicians offer swift and reliable solutions. When it comes to MacBook repair in Chicago, we've got you covered. Click the link below to kick-start your MacBook repair.

google pixel screen repair chicago
ipad screen repair chicago
macbook screen repair chicago

PC Repair Service

In need of PC repair services? Look no further than eRepair! Our skilled technicians specialize in efficient and affordable PC screen repairs, battery replacements, and charging port repairs. Trust us for reliable PC repair services in Chicago. Click the link below to commence your PC repair process.

computer repair service chicago

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