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  iPhone Battery Replacement Service in Chicago

battery replacement iphone in chicago

Can you replace an iPhone battery?

Yes, We Can! Repair for an iPhone replacements can usually be done in under an hour

How much does it cost to replace a battery on an iPhone?

Typical price for an iPhone Battery Replacement Service at eRepair ranges per model, Please select your model to see the price of your repair

Do I need an Appointment to repair my Charging Port?

You don't! Walk-ins are welcome, but we advise you contact us to make sure we have your iPhone Model's Battery in Stock.

My battery won't hold a charge anymore, or discharges fast, Do I need a new battery?

Yes, A battery that won't hold a charge means that it has degraded over time, A new battery replacement should fix that issue.

Are your batteries original?

The batteries we stock are premium high quality batteries that come with a 1 year warranty, Unfortunately, due to Apple's restrictions, 3rd Party Repair shops are not able to purchase original batteries.

Same Day Repair Turnaround

Backed by a 1 year warranty

Our lowest price Guaranteed

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