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At eRepair, we stand out as Chicago's leading destination for smartphone repair services. Specializing in iPhone screen fixes, battery swaps, charging port rejuvenation, camera repairs, and water damage restoration, we ensure your device returns to optimal performance. Our diagnostic services won't cost you a dime, and you'll find our rates favorably competitive within the Chicago repair market. Quality is our cornerstone; we source only the best parts for your repairs, which are guaranteed with a comprehensive 1-year warranty for assured satisfaction.

At our shop, we offer a full suite of iPhone repair services to address every possible issue. This includes screen and battery replacements, fixing charging ports, solving software glitches, repairing camera malfunctions, addressing speaker and microphone problems, and rectifying water damage. No matter the model or the mishap, our skilled technicians are equipped to bring your iPhone back to life with precision and care.

Our shop provides a comprehensive range of iPad repair services tailored to any issue you might encounter. From cracked screen repairs and battery replacements to resolving charging issues, fixing unresponsive buttons, and dealing with sound problems, we’ve got you covered. We also specialize in camera repairs, software troubleshooting, and can expertly handle the delicate task of repairing water damage. Trust us to restore your iPad to its full functionality with our expert services.

For MacBook users, our repair services cover a wide array of needs. We handle everything from screen and keyboard repairs to battery replacements and memory upgrades. Our team is skilled in resolving charging issues, addressing trackpad problems, and fixing speaker and microphone malfunctions. We also offer solutions for software-related issues, including OS reinstallation and data recovery, as well as expert repairs for any liquid damage. Trust our experienced technicians to get your MacBook running smoothly again.

Our repair services cater extensively to Samsung phone and tablet users. We handle a variety of issues, from screen and battery replacements to fixing camera and speaker problems. Our technicians are adept at resolving charging port malfunctions, addressing software glitches, and repairing water damage. For Samsung tablets, we offer services like screen repairs, battery changes, and software troubleshooting. Whether you have the latest model or an older device, our team is equipped to restore your Samsung phone or tablet to optimal condition.

For PC users, our shop offers a broad spectrum of repair services. We handle common issues like screen and keyboard repairs, hard drive replacements, and memory upgrades. Our expertise also extends to resolving power supply problems, fixing motherboard malfunctions, and addressing cooling system issues like overheating. We offer software troubleshooting, including virus removal and operating system installation or upgrades. Additionally, we provide solutions for network connectivity issues and can assist with data recovery efforts. Whether it's a desktop or a laptop, our skilled technicians are ready to tackle any challenge to get your PC back in top working condition.

Our shop extends its expertise to video game console repairs, catering to a range of issues for various gaming systems. Whether you have a PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or another gaming console, we handle repairs like HDMI port replacements, disk drive fixes, and power supply issues. We are also skilled in resolving software glitches, connectivity problems, and controller malfunctions. For consoles experiencing overheating, we provide thorough cleaning and cooling system repairs. Our aim is to ensure your gaming experience is uninterrupted, with quick and efficient service to get you back in the game.

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